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Ways to Improve Your Mobile Job Search

Ways to Improve Your Mobile Job Search More than ever, job seekers are using mobile devices to search for new positions and stay updated on the latest opportunities. Whether you are hunting for an entry-level role or a CEO position, technology has likely changed the way you land your next gig. With that in mind, here are five tips to help you boost the power and success rate of your mobile job search: Leverage Social Media Use Twitter to search for jobs, follow target companies, and stay abreast of industry-related updates. It’s a great way to ensure you’re always connected [...]

Recruiter Distribution Service

Recruiter Distribution Service Whether you are an executive or senior staff member earning $50,000 to $1,000,000 or more, our customized marketing campaign maximizes your chances and provides selective criteria to fulfill your unique job search requirements. Through our customized recruiter distribution service, we will send your executive resume and cover letter for an executive position to a select group of recruiters based on your industry, job focus, and salary range. Our database consists of 15,000+ recruiters and is updated quarterly. Once the distribution is completed, we send you a detailed list containing the recruiter’s names and contact information. If you [...]

Tailor Your Executive Resume to Increase Your Interview Hit Rate

Tailor Your Executive Resume to Increase Your Interview Hit Rate Targeting your executive resume can go a long way in shortening your job search and, quite frankly, help you land a senior leadership role much faster than an unfocused and cluttered executive resume. You can gain more traction with recruiters and hiring professionals by investing some time into writing a good executive resume that aligns your most relevant leadership strengths and value with the prospective employer’s required qualifications. Keep reading for some additional insight on the benefits of a targeted executive resume. Improve Your Connection with Recruiters Presenting a concisely [...]

Practical Interview Tips to Land the Job

Practical Interview Tips to Land the Job Everyone knows that you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression. It’s the first impression that will be the most lasting.  Keep this in the forefront of your mind when interviewing.  Below I have outlined some practical planning tips to help you succeed in acing the interview. View your interview like the stages of a Broadway play. Every stage is just as important as the next. Pre-Planning Stage: Dress to Land the Job: Research the company in advance of the interview by using glassdoor.com or on indeed.com to get a [...]

Effective Leadership Traits for Executives

Effective Leadership Traits for Executives Executive leadership comes with no shortage of challenges. In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business world, your executive resume may highlight projects in which you were relied upon to build high-caliber teams, lead cross-company strategy engagements, and drive growth—all while managing competitive positioning, business economics, and key financial drivers.  Incorporating an entrepreneurial approach to continually evaluating, tweaking, and honing your leadership talents can certainly boost your reputation, credibility, and value—and possibly lead to progressively higher roles. Annual self-assessments have the potential to steer us down a path of self-discovery, where we can ask ourselves whether [...]

Check out Twitter for Your Executive or Professional Job Search

Check out Twitter for Your Executive or Professional Job Search If you have invested any quality time searching for a job in today’s market, you are well aware that having only a paper executive resume is no longer going to cut the mustard. Most companies are now posting future job offers online—thus requiring an online response. If you have read job search-related articles, you now understand that your online presence has become the focal point of prospective employers. So with that said, having access to some of the best resume tips and online job search tools can help maximize your [...]

Ways to Follow-up After The Job Interview

Ways to Follow-up After The Job Interview Following up after the interview with a thank you letter, card, or strategic letter are great ways to strengthen the interviewer’s perception of you as a good fit for the position. For example, the strategic letter is slightly more in-depth compared to a thank you letter or card. The strategic letter provides an opportunity to share additional skills, strengths, or possibly a mutual interest that may have been discussed between you and the interviewer to possibly tip the scale in your favor.  As a suggested rule of thumb, it is a good idea [...]

Why Is Your Executive Resume Summary So Important?

Why Is Your Executive Resume Summary So Important? Executive resume summaries are very effective when they are positioned as personally branded leadership snapshots with concisely written and visually impactful value statements. Using a current resume format can also visually enhance your writing strategy and possibly move the needle in your favor by setting the tone for an immediate connection between you and a prospective employer. Keep reading for some additional insight on the importance of investing ample time into being well-versed on why and how to write a compelling executive resume summary for your IT Director resume, CEO resume, or [...]

Tips on Managing Your Resume Length

Tips on Managing Your Resume Length Though the question of “How many pages should a professional resume be?” has long been debated among many, relevance and substance are key in determining the length of resumes for professionals.  Additionally, your years of experience, key achievements, the number of employers, audience, industry, and career goals should be factored into the decision to aid in determining what is relevant. Tip #1:  Helping You Decide….. If you are a recent college graduate, changing careers, have under 10 years of work experience, or have held one or more roles with the same employer, a one-page resume [...]

Ways to Boost Your Executive Job Search

Ways to Boost Your Executive Job Search Taking the lead role in your self-development can strengthen the marketability of your executive resume, yield many positive benefits for your professional career, and enhance your overall inward growth as a leader. With the evolution of your leadership career, consider embracing an entrepreneurship perspective in managing the trajectory to achieve a more balanced, ongoing form of development that broadens your strategic impact, market intelligence, and value as a leader. As the owner of your leadership career, staying competitive and investing in ongoing self-development should be at the forefront of your career-management strategy.  Take [...]

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