LinkedIn Profile Reminders

LinkedIn Profile Reminders Times have changed significantly in terms of how to write a modern executive resume to land that coveted senior leadership role and how prospective employers execute talent acquisition and placement strategies. From social media playing a major role in connecting recruiters with qualified candidates to digital branding being an essential component of a candidate’s career management strategy, the employment landscape has undergone quite an evolution. Tapping into LinkedIn for 15-20 minutes a week can go a long way in strengthening your professional brand as a senior leader. Below are a few effective tips for managing your LinkedIn [...]

3 Effective Job Search Tips

3 Effective Job Search Tips Now that you have done a great job in navigating all the nuances of how to create the most current professional resume format. You are ready to get the ball rolling with your job search. Approaching your job search from a multi-tiered perspective is a wise decision. With so many prospective employers using social media, online platforms, and word of mouth referrals to attract the best talent, you need to write a good professional resume and expand your reach to achieve optimal results. Though there are endless ways to execute your job search, below I [...]

Ways to Strengthen Your Executive Resume Without A Degree

Ways to Strengthen Your Executive Resume Without A Degree Though a degree or certification can certainly breathe new life into your marketability and enhance your executive resume, there are some other writing strategies you can employ to convey your value in powerful ways in the event you do not have a formal degree. Have you opened doors in international markets, established a foreign subsidiary, or joined a startup as a ground-floor senior leader who has left a significant thumbprint on an organization’s business development strategy? Think about it, your ability to craft your story in a way that demonstrates your [...]

How to Get My Resume Noticed!

How to Get My Resume Noticed! I know I’m qualified for the jobs I am applying to … however, I’m not getting a single hit on my professional resume. Ever applied to dozens of jobs that you KNOW you’re qualified for, but have received little to no response from your target companies? If this sounds like you, I’d like to offer a few practical tips that you can plug and play to hopefully gain some immediate traction on your CEO resume, IT Director resume, PMO Director resume, professional or mid-career level resume. Keyword-Optimized Headline — With less than 10 seconds to [...]

How Executive Blogs Strengthen Your Market Value

How Executive Blogs Strengthen Your Market Value Following an executive blog or creating your own senior leadership blog can be a game changer for you and your executive resume. Through new ways of thinking, you can strengthen your leadership value and team effectiveness while also bringing insightful topics and greater market awareness to your organization to enhance decision-making. Writing a leadership blog or following blogs that you find informative will force you out of your comfort zone, and you will naturally experience inward growth as a senior leader and stimulate your mind through exposure to fresh, interesting, and inspiring content.  [...]

Referrals are Powerful. Are You Leveraging Them in Your Job Search

Referrals are Powerful. Are You Leveraging Them in Your Job Search Most prospective employers lean toward hiring referrals as this is a cost-effective, efficient, and potentially low-risk hiring strategy. Let’s face it; we all can appreciate a good referral when shopping for the best value regarding goods and services. With an employer, the same concept applies. They want to get the best talent for their culture, compensation, and the scope of the target role. Just be sure to keep your executive resume and cover letter for an executive position updated in the most current resume format as a proactive measure [...]

High-Impact Ways to Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated

High-Impact Ways to Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Updated I believe that many people wish that LinkedIn did not require such a hands-on approach to remain relevant. It would be great if all we had to do was set it up, and never have to touch it ever again, kind of like a toaster. In reality, LinkedIn is somewhat similar to planting flowers. You plant your seeds, the more you water the flowers and cultivate them, the more the stems grow and blossom. In other words, LinkedIn needs careful attention.  In the present employment climate, having the most current executive resume [...]

3 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Executive Resume

3 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Executive Resume Change is an inevitable part of our lives. As the world around us evolves, so have employment market expectations, talent acquisition strategies, and executive resume writing trends. Gone are the days when you scanned the classified ads, identified a job you were interested in and walked into an establishment to hand deliver your professional resume. For the most part, current resume formats are subjected to computerized scanning systems before being reviewed by a human.  As technological advancements continue to have a major influence on the way we live, work, and play, providing [...]

How to Grow Your Professional Community

How to Grow Your Professional Community You have written an interview-winning executive resume and cover letter for an executive position; the next step is mapping out an action plan to gain some traction with prospective employers. Having an extensive network of contacts to engage with or to tap into throughout your career is powerful. After all, in today’s job market around 70% of jobs are secured through networking. That being said, there is value in building and sustaining your database of contacts. Being well-connected will go a long way in getting your professional resume into the hands of a hiring manager. [...]

Ways to Make Your Executive Resume Stand Out

Ways to Make Your Executive Resume Stand Out Viewing your executive resume as a marketing document in terms of how your layout, delineate and present your brand can yield big returns. Senior management resumes should be focused and succinctly convey your ability to lead change, influence others, and cascade a clear vision to your team. Writing a good executive resume involves communicating your industry expertise, the benefits of hiring you, and what you can deliver.  Below I have provided three tips on ensuring your CEO-level resume is hard-hitting, succinct, and helps to cement your candidacy. Tip #1: Include a value [...]

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